Virtual Salons continue through May

We'll continue with our Skype salons on Sundays at 6pm EST through May before transitioning back to live gatherings in June.

Please be at your computer and logged into Skype at least 5 minutes ahead of time,

If for some reason, your Skype doesn't ring or you are late, click on the link and join us!

If you run into trouble, call me at 703-558-0446.

Here are the steps to getting started with Skype

  • Decide which device to use for the call. Cellphone and laptops are perfect as is, desktops are iffy.

  • Download Skype to your device.

  • Create a free account for Skype.

  • Sign in to Skype.

  • IMPORTANT: Do a test call. Click CONTACT and add then click on the contact and click the camera icon in the top right corner.

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